Educational Institutions

Educational facilities are also in need of security solutions, given that they face a high count of human traffic on a daily basis. Proper management and organization of these footfalls are essential to ensure that operations are able to proceed smoothly. Video surveillance systems help to keep an eye on your compound and its surroundings. Aside from that, you can also keep track of student and staff activity, to ensure that everyone is abiding by the rules and are at their respective locations at the right times. Access controls can be implemented for staff, as well as a biometric attendance system, to ensure that time-logging will be as accurate as possible. This system can also be linked to your payroll, eliminating the need to calculate wages at the end of the month. And like any other large, public area, there will definitely be a need for emergency exits, to ensure that everyone is able to evacuate quickly and efficiently, in case of a fire.

Suggested Solutions