Our Flap barriers are slim design and enhanced premium hairline polish can elevate the prestige elegant impression while still effectively restricting unauthorized visitors from your entrance. It is optimized to achieve the best balance of quality, performance, and affordability.

Access control, fingerprint, bar code or time attendance reader can easily be integrated into flap barrier. This is an ideal solution for railway, stadium, factory and commercial building.

Are you looking for a stylish flap barrier to match your building modern contemporary lifestyle design but out of budget to buy imported European brand? With the current economy slow down, everyone is searching value-for-money solution to help cut down budget spending. So you don’t really want to spend “big” money to purchase a high performance European flap barrier for the sake of its outlook.

There are many features in European flap barrier that is not needed for normal usage in a standard building. Most of the high performance European flap barrier is too complicated that your own maintenance team is not able to service the gate during break down. Too advance also means the control board, motor and other spare parts to be very expensive.

You also worried about the spare parts as it might take 2-3 months to import from European country despite expensive shipping cost.

You looked for lower cost alternative from other “no-brand” supplier but you are not confidence about their product quality, spare part availability and backup service. You suddenly realized that making a purchase decision for flap barrier does not seemed as easy as it looks.

Your flap barrier can solve your problem as it is manufactured using enhanced shiny polish hair line stainless steel to achieve a premium finishing outlook without the high price. We removed all unnecessary features and simplified the design so that it is very affordable for standard building application. Simplified design significantly reduces installation cost, spare part cost and maintenance cost.

We also offer full spare parts support for our flap barrier series. Our flap barrier spare parts are available at an affordable price. Good spare parts availability is important to ensure your flap barrier is up and running in the shortest time possible in the event of break down.

The new design is well balanced between performance, stability and affordability. We do not want to design the best flap barrier in the world that is a too high cost to buy. We do not want to design a super low cost flap barrier that always break down and require high maintenance. This design has always been “good enough” for target industrial, commercial and residential application. Our design philosophy is for you to pay for what you need thus making our flap barrier more affordable to fit into your limited budget.

Selecting the correct gate is an important first step in your building security. Iwatchs is your first step in security.


Full opening clearance

Flap wing retracted into the housing does not take up any space to achieve maximum passage clearance. This allowed user to pass through with small and medium size luggage.

Safety function

By default flap wing will auto reverse if IR sensor detected an obstacle within the flap wing area. This avoids flap wing to accidentally hit onto to user. There is a green light lining effect along the edge of the flap wing to ensure flap wing is easily visible.


As a second option, flap wing can be set to pause if the IR sensor detected obstacle nearby wing area during closing. The flap will resume closing once the obstacle is removed. This is to make it very difficult for the following user to tailgate the first user.

Security function

If unauthorized access is detected the green light lining on the acrylic wing will become red color. This is to make it easy and obvious for the security guard to identify security breach at flap barrier.

Auto-close timer protection

If unauthorized access is detected the green light lining on the acrylic wing will become red color. This is to make it easy and obvious for the security guard to identify security breach at flap barrier.

Robust design

Flap barrier offers the most efficient opening and closing. Limited movement trajectory of flap wing reduces the possibility of damage by vandalism. The simplified control panel does not require any programming thus more stable.

Emergency evacuation

During a fire alarm, access control reader can continuously hold the dry contact to trigger all flaps to open. This eliminates the need for additional wiring work for an external trigger signal from the fire alarm. Flap wing will automatically close back once access reader releases the dry contact. This allows the access control system to immediately open the gate for fast evacuation during an emergency alarm. During a power failure, flaps will automatically open. Flap wing will automatically close back after power supply resumed.

LED indicator function

Manual LED indicator light is available at both directions to indicate if the lane is available to use (green arrow) or lane is closed for maintenance (red cross).

Easy integration

Reader holder bracket is available for installing RFID reader underneath acrylic cover plate. The LCD screen, bar code scanner or fingerprint reader can be installed on top of acrylic.