Retail Solution

VIVOTEK provides retail store management with powerful surveillance solutions that prevent asset and property loss, improve transaction security and provide intelligent analytics in order. VIVOTEK offers various smart-edge devices with highly accurate video analytic functions that can meet the demanding needs of single and multi-location operations and help business operations make better decisions in the competitive retail industry.

Retail Solution Overview

Retail Challenges & Solutions

Security & Loss Prevention

Robust security and surveillance are key components of your retail store infrastructure. Protecting your investment in inventory and maintaining low shrinkage rates are critical to your long-term business success. A number of surveillance technologies should be utilized to monitor in-store activity.

Find out how to secure your properties with VIVOTEK retail solutions.

Store Management & Business Intelligence

Business intelligence and store management are key factors in growing your retail business. Unlock the full potential of your business with in-store data and customer insights, enabling you to respond proactively and quickly to your customers’ needs.

Discover how VIVOTEK business intelligence to enhance in-store management effectiveness and better allocation of human resources.

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