Our Process




Assessment involves some form of study in the client’s location, to understand the current problems/issues they are facing and any relevant environmental factors. The major purpose of this early assessment is to obtain information, to gain knowledge and understanding of the problem so we can assist them and guide possible intervention. On our first meeting, we will gather all the relevant facts, gain a clear or clearer understanding of the client’s issues and support the client in staying focused and standing a little outside the situation to get clear facts.


Once we understand the real key pain point, we will get our team to plan and design the right solution for our client. We ensure to take in count of all the factors that the client is concern about. This includes budget, quality, external factors, and durability. We also always ensure the design that we create for our client is economical and the best for their problems.


To get the best solution for clients, we always discuss our designs with clients to get the best possible outcome which will be a complete solution for their problem. We will also advise clients on certain solutions which can solve long term issues and not only the current problem. This makes our clients look for us whenever they have an issue with their current security system.


We will also ensure our clients are happy with our recommended solutions by fixing a sample in their area of problem as a proof of concept. This will help clients to decide whether the solution is solving their issues or not. It is also helpful for clients to evaluate the quality of our product and the solution we suggested.


Once the client is satisfied with our solution, that is when we do start the fixing and testing. We will take all possible measures to ensure the entire implementation process takes place smoothly and as per the planning. Once the implementation is done properly, our team will test the entire system and will confirm that all of them are working perfectly before we hand it over to our client.