Video Surveillance

Security and safety are one of the main concerns of almost any organization existing today. To date, there have been millions upon millions of CCTV cameras produced and installed in various areas and locations, for various reasons. The main purpose of installing such video surveillance systems is most commonly to avoid crime, for example, robbery, snatch theft or even crimes that carry bigger weight. Since there is a wide range of application and requirement in terms of security in different industries and settings, no one solution would be able to fit all types of security needs. Hence, video surveillance systems are usually composed of a mix of technologies and equipment, such as high-quality, long range cameras, video management systems connected to stable display outputs so that clients can keep track of areas that they need to keep an eye on. At IWATCHS, we have the latest equipment and technology to give you the best video surveillance coverage that money can buy.

180ᵒ Panoramic Solution

IWATCHS 180° Panoramic Solution surveillance cameras cover an area of 180° x 68°, which by far is one of the widest areas covered by a single camera in the market. With this, you will definitely not miss a thing and all events within the range of the cameras can be fully captured at 30fps. Also, with an aperture of 2.8mm, it keeps your footage in focus while being able to adapt swiftly between different lighting strengths during the day and night. This camera is also great for blind spot areas, where you will definitely need additional security. This range of monitoring cameras would be especially useful in areas with high footfalls, as well as open areas surrounding your premises.


  • Factories/Working Spaces
  • Open Areas with High Human Traffic
  • Malls/Stores/Retail Outlets
  • Banks and Government Buildings

360ᵒ Fisheye Solution

If you need a surveillance system that is able to capture footage from every angle, then the IWATCHS 360ᵒ Fisheye Solution is the solution for you. Depending on your needs, our 10-MP fisheye surveillance cameras would be able to give you a 180ᵒ panoramic solution (wall-mounted), while those who need a wider view can utilize its 360ᵒ through a ceiling mount. This wide view solution comes with two modes, black and white or color, both of which are excellently displayed with crispness and clarity. The fisheye camera is great for areas where you will need to see the big picture, such as at walkways, at shopping displays, even at money counters or banks.


  • Open Areas with High Human Traffic
  • Malls/Stores/Retail Outlets
  • Banks and Government Buildings
  • Airports
  • Bus Transits and Public Transport Hubs

People Counting System

Monitor the footfalls in your building or premises with IWATCHS People Counting Solution. With the latest in stereo camera monitoring, you would be able to obtain data that are up to 98% accurate via its 3D depth technology, which you can use to analyze multiple aspects of human traffic, be it for your business, operational or security needs. The 3D depth view is also able to filter non-human objects and differentiate between adults and children, giving you a better picture of the demographics of your people traffic. It is also capable of detecting any objects that make a roundabout turn, thus giving you a more precise count of people frequenting your business or building.


  • Offices
  • Hotels and Inns
  • High Traffic Areas or Pedestrian Paths
  • Bus Transits and Public Transport Hubs
  • Public Places

Facial Recognition System

For those who require the assistance of facial recognition applications, IWATCHS Facial Recognition provides a comprehensive solution for all your needs. It’s high definition cameras are able to detect users that are registered onto the system’s database. Even with people who are wearing hoods or hats, the cameras are able to correctly recognize facial features and match them to the user on file. Aside from that, administrators have the option of replaying selected time frames, where the display would be shown, complete with motion detection as well as user data overlays. This system helps keep track of the people who frequent your premises and helps you in tracking analytics and behavior by user.


  • Offices
  • Exhibitions
  • Banks
  • Government Buildings

Retail Video Analytic Solution

For retailers, in-store activity is a valuable business insight. This is why the IWATCHS Retail Video Analytics system is the perfect choice for your retail data and analysis needs. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), the system brilliantly detects and tracks customer activity and sends the feed directly to an AI-backed server, which then processes the information and presents them to you in simple and easy-to-use reports in an organized manner. This retail tracking system also includes heatmaps for products that customers interact with as well as the efficiency of transactions at the till. This way, you will get a complete and thorough look at the day-to-day data in your retail premises, which you can then incorporate into your business strategies.


  • Boutiques
  • Apparel Retail
  • Specialty Retail Stores
  • Department Stores

Point-of-Sale (POS) Integrated Video Surveillance

For those who require a more detailed surveillance, especially for retailers who deal with high-value merchandise, the IWATCHS Point-of-Sale (POS) Integrated Video Surveillance is what you need to implement into your business today. With its POS integration, you would be able to see data from the POS overlaid onto your video feed, giving you accurate details of how the sale was achieved. Aside from that, you would be able to search and playback video footage from any time that you would like to look at, giving you greater control over your data and business analytics.


  • Retail
  • Jewelers
  • Designer Boutiques
  • High-value Merchandise Retailers

License Plate Recognition

The IWATCHS License Plate Recognition system is able to accurately detect license plates of moving cars, even at average speeds of 110kmh, giving you greater detail and more valuable data. Image captures of the license plates are crisp and clear, allowing you to note down the actual car plate details. Unlike other systems in the market, IWATCHS License Plate Recognition does not require a pricey recognition software to go with your cameras. Instead, the recognition system is built into the cameras itself, so the system will only need to receive the images from the camera via a high-speed web socket.


  • Private car parks
  • Road surveillance
  • Summons issuance
  • Speed limit monitoring

Fire, Smoke & Violence Detection

Those who require close monitoring of fire and human altercations will find that IWATCHS Fire, Smoke & Violence Detection will be a perfect fit with their needs. The camera detects movements and matches them with traits of fires, smoke or even fights or form of violence in order to accurately detect these things. Aside from that, it can also be used to monitor boundaries. The camera would be able to correctly detect human movements past any border that you have set and entered into the camera’s control system. This way, you would be able to use this system to also monitor trespassers or the amount of traffic within a certain area of your premises.


  • Museums
  • Galleries
  • Public or Communal Areas
  • Bars or Lounges